Our staff consists of Professional Licensed Massage Therapists, ready to take care of you, to help you to relax when you need, in the areas of stress relief, anxiety, or to ease the every day pains of todays increasingly difficult daily lifestyles and situations.

We are located at 2731 Southwest Pkwy, Suite 10 in Wichita Falls, Texas 76308. Drop by our location to enjoy a relaxing experience today! 

WF Wellness Spa is a Professional locally owned and operated Massage Facility not associated with any other Wellness Spa location.

What We Do



WF Wellness Spa is a facility that specializes in Full Body Massages, including hot stone, swedish, and deep tissue. If you don’t know which massage you need, we’ll take the time to understand your habits and determine what level of pressure, temperature, and motion that is best suited for your body’s condition. 

We also have available special Asian pain relieving Hot Oils, which can help to relieve painful lower back, shoulder, and neck problems.

Our Spa has a complimentary Stand up Shower as well.

Please come by and see for yourself how Clean, Relaxing, and Rejuvenating our Spa is.  Newly and Specially remolded for your experience, by our Therapists, which have more than ten years professional experience.

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